Puzzle - Wildlife

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 Puzzles are with vibrant colours to attract toddler's attention. It allows them to learn to recognise different colors and numbers and the skill of matching and sorting. It also promotes hand eye coordination. Perfect for toddlers to play and learn at the same time. The varying number of puzzle pieces per pattern provides the child an opportunity to learn and move on to the next level of difficulty once they are comfortable with the easier 3-piece puzzle. Flip side of the puzzles are with numbers.

- Size of each piece of puzzle is just nice for our toddlers hands.

- Each set comes in a metal box and it includes 2 animals in the form of a 3-piece puzzle, 2 animals of 4-piece puzzle, 1 animal of 5-piece puzzle and 1 animal of 6-piece puzzle.

- Made from wooden fibre that is environmentally friendly and durable

- Suitable for children 3 years old and above.