This is how we: Stay safe

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There’s so much to remember when it comes to keeping safe — from looking both ways when crossing the road to being safe online and stranger danger!

Don’t panic! This safety book for children ages 0-3 will guide youngsters along the way by teaching them how to stay safe and sound, no matter where they go. 

Here’s what’s inside this super-handy illustrated board book:

   • Gently teaches kids lots of important personal, social and emotional skills.

   • Encourages preschoolers to put their new skills into practice and try out what they are learning in the real world.

   • Each spread is presented in a highly visual way with bright and attractive illustrations.

No matter what grown-ups say, being a kid is hard work. Packed with colorful illustrations and easy-to-follow text, this children’s picture book teaches key safety lessons and life skills to little readers, preparing them for big school and for life! It’s a wonderful resource for both parents and kids while also promoting early reading.