What Shall We Buy? (My First Let's Shop!)

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This busy board book encourages hands-on fun for your toddler as they learn about all the different things they can buy!

Introducing My First Let's Shop , an adorable board book for babies and toddlers, featuring a list of items for them to find at the shop. This engaging shopping book is packed with bright, colourful pictures and fun-filled activities to get your little ones thinking and talking, and your child will love learning about all the different colours and objects along the way.

Are we ready to go shopping? Let's find the things we need to take with us, then off we go! At the bakery, let's choose some bread to buy, then we can find a toy at the toyshop. This vibrant board book is a must-have for babies and toddlers aged 0-3 to encourage early learning and help your child develop early speaking, listening, and observation skills.

Celebrate your child's curiosity, as they

- Over 180 colourful photographs of shopping items with corresponding word labels.
- Groceries split into 13 distinct groups so kids can learn about the many different types.
- A sturdy and chunky board book with safe rounded tabs, thoroughly tested for babies and toddlers.
- Easy-to-read text with names and descriptions to encourage language development in 0-3 year olds.

The interactive book encourages children to think about real life scenarios like what to put on their shopping list and choosing toppings to buy for their pizza, having fun as they turn every page. This delivers a rounded early learning reading experience for young children, whilst they engage and have fun!

Whether it's spotting patterns at the clothes shop, or counting all the balls at the sports shop, your little one can bring the items to life in this inspiring board book. The strong board pages are made especially for young children, and the chunky tabs are easy to grab to help with early motor control. Young children will be able to quickly recognise the picture on the tab which will take them straight to the page with their favourite shopping items.